Germany’s Best Christmas Market

Germany is famous for its Christmas Markets- and there is a good reason for that. I myself am not into Christmas in general, but every winter Germany’s Christmas markets make my heart glow like christmas tree.

Germans use different expressions for Christmas Markets: Christkindlsmarkt (in Nürnberg), Weihnachtsmarkt(many other places).


I will give you tips for this Christmas Market not only because it is in my hometown but also it is the most beautiful and known one in Germany and all around the world. The Christmas market in Nürnberg is called “Christkindlsmarkt” by locals .
With its hundreds of years of history, the traditional market has to offer many things. Things you should definitely try there are:

  1. Nuremberg sausages; you can find them everywhere on the market look for the expression ” 3 im Weggla” (3 in a roll).
  2. Nuremberger Lebkuchen; Nürnberg is very famous for its gingerbread. I have never had any gingerbread which came close to the ones in Nürnberg. Definitely something you have to try. You’ll get them in different sizes and with different coatings like chocolate, sugar or even strawberry!
  3. Children’s Christmas Market; in case you have children this is great entertaining for the smalls ones.
  4. Best view on the market; Climb the stairs of the Church of Our Lady and you’ll get to see a wonderful view on the red-white colored booths, the lights, people strolling around the market.
  5. Hot mulled wine(Glühwein) will warm you up after your stroll around the Christmas Market. It comes along in a beautiful mug, which has a new design every year. (P.S. This is a great souvenir)


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