How to be Successful in Life?

The last couple of weeks I started to ask myself (again) if my choices I made, made me happy at all. There is not too much going on in my personal life at the moment so I was looking at my career mainly. How could I be successful without being happy with what I was doing? For me there is no SUCCESS without HAPPINESS.


Over the years I have noticed that people are on autopilot most of the time. They basically exist in order to function in society, do what is expected and  barely question things. I am sure everyone can remember the times you go crazy because you just had your keys in your hand and now you cannot find them anymore? Where did you just put them, they were in your hands like a second ago. Yes this used to happen to me so often. Doing things without being concious about them. And this unfortunately is not only about our keys, glasses or your favorite blouses. No most people put their lives on autopilot.

You have a job you do not have passion for.
You go to meeting because you are expected to.
You accept everything without questioning it.
You live in a place you are not happy. (moving away would  be too much of an effort and being comfortable seems more important)
You go to the same restaurants over and over again because you know that one is good (missing out all the better and of course also worse restaurant).
You do not take any risks because security is valued high in our society (countries are raked by social security, health care systems, traffic safety, and so on)



The turning point to this autopilot setting is when people experience tragedies, losing someone they loved, losing their own health, or losing their minds (become depressed/burnout). But why does it have to be too late before we do something about it?

The trick is to dare! Once you are brave enough to listen to your heart and ignoring society, family, and friends, once you turn off autopilot, once you step out of your comfort zone… the magic will happen.

I am not telling you to quit your job and start doing a work you love or to listen to your heart, pack your stuff and leave, or wait maybe that is exactly what I am telling you! If not now when will you do it then? Once you are 65? Yes people start realizing things once they retire, they notice that all the hard work was exhausting and didnt give them joy, and years pass by so quickly that they never had the time to do what they really loved. So they move to the south of Spain, France or Portugal, buy a house there and try to catch up what they had missed their whole lives. They start doing volunteer work in a field they feel passionate about.

But for most of us, it is time to wake up now! We are not 65 yet, we are young, full of great energy and ideas. We do not have to retire in order to live in a sunny place or get paid for something we enjoy doing. Why should you settle for something that will only suck up all your energy and leave you with frustration, stress, burnout and in the end a lot of regrets, “I should have”s and “what if”s.


Today I was brave enough to take first steps towards a big change in my life.And I noticed that is really is all about being brave enough and having a good  heart and good intentions. And asking for help, ideas and guidance.
Once you decided to do something and take a steps there will be many hands reaching out for you to support, inspire and help you. 3-4 Years ago I had this feeling within me and just did something everyone discouraged me from doing. People told me that this was not the way things worked and you needed connections in order to get in where I wanted to get in. But they did not know that with my background there were no connections at all. My family and their friends do not have connections, do not know people who could have helped me. My family is not an academic family… so everything I wanted to achieve in life I had to do on my own! Luckily I was stubborn enough and believed in myself and did it my way. Everything worked out for me, as if it was already waiting for me. As if it was meant to be.
Today it repeated itself, I reached out and it worked out, as it was meant to be again. You just have to dare.  There will be people out there, not many but those few will be kind, and humble enough, to take your hand and guide you.




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