Health Benefits – (2) Bean Sprouts

What is it?

Bean sprouts are a common ingredient across the world. They are particularly common in Eastern Asian cuisine.

Sprouts were chritisized in international media a few years ago. Some legumes, including sprouts, can contain bacteria, toxins or antinutritional factors, which can be reduced by soaking, sprouting and cooking (e.g., stir frying). Some say that as many other legumes, sprouts are genetically modified (especially in the US) and that makes them unhealthy too.

Joy Larkcom advises that to be on the safe side “one shouldn’t eat large quantities of raw legume sprouts on a regular basis. For those who still want to eat sprouts but are concerned about health risks can still cook or fry sprouts in order to make them safe to eat again.

What are the health benefits?

  • Vitamin C
    •   1-cup serving contains 10.7 milligrams of vitamin C (antioxidant to neutralize free radicals).
    • Women should consume 75 milligrams daily, while men need 90 milligrams of vitamin C each day
  • Good Source of Folate
    • Folate helps your body with the replication of  the DNA, for amino acids and red blood cells, making it essential for the prevention of anemia and birth defects in your unborn child.
  • Losing weight (High fiber content)
    • The fiber content of the beans, nuts, seeds, or grains increases substantially when sprouted.
    • Fiber is critical to weight loss: it not only binds to fats and toxins in our body to escort them out, it ensures that any fat our body breaks down is moved quickly out of the body before it can resorb through the walls of the intestines
  • Vitamin content increases dramatically when sprouting
    • Vitamins A, B-complex, and E.

My favorite way to use it!

I am not posting any recipes  because I cook without any instructions and measurements, I just do what feels right and combine what fits my taste buds…so please take this as an inspirational recipe but no instruction.

Step 1: Buy some frech bean sprout, fresh udon noodles, choy sum, mushrooms, eggplants, tofu, spring onion, garlic, oil, sesame oil, chilli, yellow thai curry, cocus milk


Step 2: Fry


Step 3: Enjoy!



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