People Crying While Watching Movies

People who cry at movies are known  to be weepies. Even the ones who are crying are very embarrassed about that. Our society has conditioned us in associating tears to weakness. 

People who cry in sad movies are compassionate people with a lot of empathy. Moreover, they are highly imaginative. They are able to feel what the character even though they know that it is all fiction. If you are crying in movies it means you can not help yourself, you cannot mask or hide your feelings. Your emotions are like open-books and. Emotional and sensitive people are very rare to find in this world. It takes guts to allow oneself to feel the pain and experience it.  Those people feel much more than the ones who don’t cry in sad movies. They don not live by the society rules: being strong and composed. Following their heart and allowing themselves to feel pleasure or pain.

So the truth is that people who cry in movies are extraordinary individuals and there is no reason to be be ashamed of.

Whether I am at home or in a theater, I just can not seem to hold back the tears when watching sad movies. However, I am perfectly fine with admitting I have cried in front of family, friends,  and even complete strangers during movies.
Just a few minutes ago I watched the whole last season of Gilmore Girls the Netflix original. And to be honest I did not like it much, but at one point Lorelei calls her mother and tells her about something that had happened to her when she was 13. The story was about her father who had recently died and was so extremely emotional I couldnt stop crying for around 5 minutes. And with crying I do not mean crying loudly but my tears were just flowing.



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