Turkish Green Beans ‘Taze Fasülye’ – Vegan 20min-Dish

This is one of the few vegetarian/vegan recipes the Turkish kitchen can offer! Nevertheless it is a really delicious dish many people do not know about. Thinking about Turkish food you generally associate it with kebab, döner and a lot of meat. Here is proof that is CAN BE healthy and vegetarian sometimes.

I know that real Turkish people make this dish a bit differently than us Arabic Turks but I prefer the Arabic way myself. My mum shared the recipe with me before I moved out at the age of 19 and since then this has been one of my favorite recipes!

That’s why I am more than happy to share my super quick and yummy dish with the world. If you are running out of ideas for a very healthy and vegan dish add this to your recipes book.

Here is my short instruction:

Again I do not state specific amounts as I go by feeling…

1. Cut green beans

2. Put a bit of oil in a pan

3. Add 3-4 garlic cloves, cut in half

4. Add the beans

5. Cut 3 small tomatoes, cut in small cubes

6. Add a bit of “salça” (turkish tomato paste)

7. Add water

8. Salt and pepper

9. Let it boil until the beans become soft.

10. Enjoy with some bread (the Turkish way) or without for the more light and healthy version



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