The Unexplored Treasure of Turkey – A city untouched by tourism

Read carefully!!

This is probably the first time someone tells you about this unexplored place in Turkey. A place where you can’t find many tourists, not even drinking Russians, loud Brits and complaining Germans.

This place I am going to tell you about is in the south east of Turkey at the mediterranean sea. It is a place not comparable to Antalya, Side or Alanya.. those places you already know.

This place I am talking about is untouched by foreigners. Barely anyone speaks English and almost all tourists you do find there are locals enjoying there free days or vacations.

The city/place I am talking about is called Mersin nowadays, and used to be called Icel. It is actually a large city with not much charme, however, the coast line of this city is the prettiest and least crowded in Turkey.  Mersin’s nickname within Turkey is “Pearl of the Mediterranean” and there is a good reason for it.

Mersin is the city I spent every single summer of my life until I turned 17. I do not call any place home, however this place comes very close to it. I have probably had the best times of my childhood there. Nowadays, I visit it once in 2 to 3 years, which definitely is a pity but there is so much more to see in this world – I cannot keep going to the same old place all the time.

I hope my post is not too convincing and the tourism will not boom there because of me! 😛

So here some facts and tips about my favorite place in Turkey

1. Mersin has a typical Mediterranean climate, a type of subtropical climate with hot and dry summers and warm and wet winters.

2.The main and favorite dish in Mersin is called Tantuni, a hot lavaş wrap consisting of julienned lamb stir-fried

3. The local cuisine is famous in Turkey in general and very similar to other cuisines of the South (Mersin and Adana). Try these Bumbar, Künefe, Karsambac, Şalgam.

4.Kizkalesi: Great place to visit during the day and night. Excellent bar & grill establishments, cafes, stores, etc. Fun for family and couples, scenery is awesome day and night.

Yoga at night @kizkalesi

5. Cennet ve Cehennem (Heaven and Hell): are two large sinkholes in the Taurus Mountains.

Cennet: The opening of Cennet is 250 x 110 m2 (820 x 360 ft2) and its average dept is 70 metres (230 ft). It is possible to reach the bottom of Cennet by a primitive staircase composed of 300 steps. At the bottom toward the south, there is a smaller and 150 step deeper cave. In this cave are the ruins of a monastery built in the 5th century by a certain Paulus and dedicated to Virgin Mary. In this monastery one can hear the sound of a small underground stream which flows from the monastery to the gulf of Narlıkuyu.

Cehennem: is a deeper sinkhole with a depth of 128 metres (420 ft). But its top opening is smaller with dimensions 70 x 50 m2 ( 210 x 150 ft2 ). As the upper edge of the opening is concave there is no access to the bottom of Cehennem.

In mythology, Zeus kept Typhon temporarily in Cehennem before imprisoning him under Mount Etna.(see Corycian Cave)


6. Most beautiful sceneries:

  • Yaprakli koy: best beach in this region, you can swim in here, crowded on weekends
  • Narlikuyu: have a great dinner at the sea
  • Susanoğlu: clean water, not very crowded




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