The Power Of Compliments

Compliments are one of the most amazing and powerful components of social life. If given correctly they create a lot of positive energy.

As important as knowing how to give compliments is receiving them. We all need to know how to do both the right way.

The Effect

After you give a compliment, watch the reaction. Sometimes you might get a confused look or a tentative almost invisible smile. Sometimes you’ll see a dominant smile and a confidence bursting from that person. See how huge the effect of a single compliment can be? How you can influence people positively, make their days or help pushing their confidence which they desperately needed.

Focusing on the good qualities in this world around us gives our moods a boost.


Many tend to have problems accepting compliments and do not know how to react. Often their intention is only to come across as humble but might cause irritation. For example many women discount compliments; telling a women that she looks gorgeaus in the dress, and receiving the answer “oh this old thing” or “oh no i look fat in this” makes the giver feel stupid for noticing or commenting on something so unworthy of praise.

However, there is a good way to accept compliments with grace. “Thank you” will do the magic! Those 2 words let the givers know he/she has heard and accepted their compliment.

Be careful

Of course, there is a right and wrong way to give compliments. Giving a compliment should not only be about giving a compliment. Give compliments freely, but sincerely. People can sense a not genuine compliment.

Compliments backfire if they are not honest. A false compliment makes you untrustworthy and raises suspicions about your motives. And that can destroy a whole relationship.

A compliment shows respect, admiration, approval, gratitude, trust, and appreciation. One of the most generous things you can do in your life is to encourage people, motivate, make them smile and make them believe that they are wonderful beings. Be the reason why someone is having a great day, or a great week, or enough confidence to get the job they applied to, or motivated enough to follow their dreams… Make a difference in someone else’s life.

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