Social Media Makes Us Immortal- Why dying is not the same anymore

Nowadays, with social media dying is so different than what it used to be. We do not really die anymore. When someone dies he leaves behind a huge part of him or herself. Online footprints become memory.

There are so many ghoast  profiles on facebook. Profiles of our loved ones. Their pictures, people still writing on their walls, people still sharing videos of them. Their comments underneath our pictures. Their voice messages on whatsapp. As if they had never left us. As is they are still there, only a call away.

My aunt just died recently and I still cannot really accept/believe that she has left us. She is everywhere. Everytime I open my facebook account I see fotos and videos of her, which are being shared by her children. Are we ever going to be able to say goodbye this way? Will we ever accept that she is gone?

It is weird. Comparing this to all the loved ones I have lost before this social media life, I can tell you that this has two sides. On the one side I appreciate that there is social media and this way you can have the memories, which would have been gone without social media. We used to have a single picture or maybe a fotoalbum of a person, we would go to their graves once in a while and slowly but surely memories would become blurry and fade.

Now it seems like they have never left us. It feels like they are still a part of our lives.  The memory stays. I see how family and friends of the ones who died use that person’s profile to share ideas and their feelings. Therapy you might say. On the other side, with those beautiful memories, the pain stays as well. Are we even able to close that chapter of grief? Do we need a reminder every day? Is forgetting not easier sometimes?

Facebook has over one billion users, and more than 10,000 of them die everyday. Facebook is going to turn into a digital graveyard. Facebook allows people to turn a lost loved one’s profile into a memorial page or take it down when reported. Wanna know what happens to your different profiles ones dead? Check this website “Dead Facebook users will soon outnumber the living” .


6 thoughts on “Social Media Makes Us Immortal- Why dying is not the same anymore

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  1. So sad…
    I am not sure whether I would like to have memories of that sort left behind after I am gone. I can’t even stand the stories of people who leave poems or flowers for the beloved ones.
    Yet, a great topic.. I think I would like to write about it too.

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