What will this blog be about?

I want my readers to understand photos I am posting and topics I am talking about. However, this is not possible if you do not understand where I am coming from with my topics and arguments. That’s why I integrate personal experiences and development in my posts.

I want to share my travel experiences, thoughts about identity and happiness, ideas about life, and facts about health.

I am a passionate traveler!

Travel means so much more to me than jumping on a plane and going on sighseeing tours in foreign cities. I am crazy about tasting the cuisines of every new place. I am enjoying the company of locals and other travelers with a open mind and heart. Being and living in that moment is the best way to live your travel experiences. I am collecting memorable experiences worth sharing with the world. I am not only collecting memories but I also learn a lot from every traveler I meet on my journey. I learn about travel, life, cultures, believes and happiness. Every person you meet in life teaches you something.

My favorite thing amonst all those things I enjoy doing while traveling is making friends all over the world or at least leaving positive footprints in someone’s life.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

There is one feeling every traveler has in common, that is “WANDERLUST” the urge to leave your comfortzone, the urge to explore this beautiful world and its people, the urge to find and create ourselves.

Curriculum Vitae of a globalcitizen

Born and raised: Germany
Based in: The Netherlands
Roots: Middle Eastern (Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey)

Bachelor: Biomedical Science and International Health (Honours Programme)
Master: Medical School (MD, Master)

Work: doctor at the psychiatry department

Countries visited: 37

Important note:
I am not a professional writer as you might have noticed and you will figure out during my writings- but still it is something I enjoy doing. So please be kind, patient and excuse my technical and language mistakes.

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