Must Do Things in Andalusia

When we spontaneously decided to go on  vacation in the beginning of April, we were concerned about the weather in Europe. We wanted sun, for our muscles to warm up and our skin to get a bit of a nice tan. After a few days of researching we ended up booking 6 days in Andalusia.... Continue Reading →

 Marinated Kale Salad To Go

I am very picky with what I take for lunch to work or uni ! After almost 6 years of living in the Netherlands, I still could not get used to this Dutch way of lunch! They have "broodjes" which means breads/sandwiches... EVERYDAY! But please do not imagine any fancy and delicious sandwich because it... Continue Reading →

Whole foods plant-based diet: Why and What?

What are the health benefits of a plant-based diet? Lower risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes Lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar Healthy weight May slow the progression of certain types of cancer Use fewer medications Lower food costs Save the environment EAT YOURSELF INTO A HEALTHY LIFE! Reducing meat, dairy prodcts, eggs,... Continue Reading →

Germany’s Best Christmas Market

Germany is famous for its Christmas Markets- and there is a good reason for that. I myself am not into Christmas in general, but every winter Germany's Christmas markets make my heart glow like christmas tree. Germans use different expressions for Christmas Markets: Christkindlsmarkt (in Nürnberg), Weihnachtsmarkt(many other places). Nuremberg/Nürnberg I will give you tips... Continue Reading →

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