Must Do Things in Andalusia

When we spontaneously decided to go onĀ  vacation in the beginning of April, we were concerned about the weather in Europe. We wanted sun, for our muscles to warm up and our skin to get a bit of a nice tan. After a few days of researching we ended up booking 6 days in Andalusia.... Continue Reading →


Kerala – The Diamond of India

Kerala state consists of almost 600km of glorious Arabian Sea coast and beaches. It owns a network of glistening backwaters; and the spice and tea-covered hills of the Western Ghats. Kerala the most beautiful place of all places I have traveled within India. After having traveld, New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Barathpur, Bangalore, and Mysore this... Continue Reading →

True Love Killed By Dating Apps

Everyone all around the world is looking for it. Not everyone admits it but we are all vulnerable children looking for true love. Looking for unconditional love. "Oh what does that girl know?!"  You would be surprised- I do know a lot. So keep reading. Love is being vulnerable. Love is connection! Love is being... Continue Reading →

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