Social Media- The best way to become unhappy and lonely

Half a year ago I deleted my facebook account and made a new one with a limited number of "friends". More than a month ago, I decided to delete my instagram account, in which I had about 4,000 followers, many daily comments and direct messages. Those two apps were the only ones I had been... Continue Reading →


How to be Successful in Life?

The last couple of weeks I started to ask myself (again) if my choices I made, made me happy at all. There is not too much going on in my personal life at the moment so I was looking at my career mainly. How could I be successful without being happy with what I was... Continue Reading →

Professional Single

Funny that I am writing a post in my blog about relationships. Having been single for almost 5 years without commiting to any serious relationships does allow me to share my thoughts about being single. And being single is strongly linked to having a relationship. I will try to explain why.. So the conclusion that... Continue Reading →

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