Banana Oat Protein Energy Balls (Vegan)

Eating healthy, without dairy and eggs, is fun but can be challanging sometimes. It is not that easy to go to the supermarket and get a dessert for after dinner, no, often you have to make your own sweets... Especially no-bake recipes are so much fun and taste so natural and pure.  You can taste... Continue Reading →


Baked Beetroot and Pumpkin Falafel In A Tahini Kale Bowl

Today I decided to cook vegan food for two. After some time of searching for the right thing to make I chose to make colourful falafel (baked in the oven). I wanted to combine falafel with a buddha bowl with a tahini dressing because every food is better when it’s in a bowl. Also because... Continue Reading →

 Marinated Kale Salad To Go

I am very picky with what I take for lunch to work or uni ! After almost 6 years of living in the Netherlands, I still could not get used to this Dutch way of lunch! They have "broodjes" which means breads/sandwiches... EVERYDAY! But please do not imagine any fancy and delicious sandwich because it... Continue Reading →

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