The Unexplored Treasure of Turkey – A city untouched by tourism

Read carefully!! This is probably the first time someone tells you about this unexplored place in Turkey. A place where you can't find many tourists, not even drinking Russians, loud Brits and complaining Germans. This place I am going to tell you about is in the south east of Turkey at the mediterranean sea. It... Continue Reading →

Northern Cyprus- Things To Do On A Mysterious Island

Renting a car and exploring Northern Cyprus is the best way to get around and to see all hidden and mysterious places. Car hire is quite cheap in North Cyprus so why not get off the beaten track. 300 days of sunshine a year Any time is a good time to visit Northern Cyprus. Pack... Continue Reading →

A Weekend In Algarve 

So this is a solo trip I had not planned at all and which in the beginning was not intended to be a solo trip. I had never been to Portugal before, and I did not know many Portuguese people so I went in this adventure all blank with no expectations. I booked a flight... Continue Reading →

Germany’s Best Christmas Market

Germany is famous for its Christmas Markets- and there is a good reason for that. I myself am not into Christmas in general, but every winter Germany's Christmas markets make my heart glow like christmas tree. Germans use different expressions for Christmas Markets: Christkindlsmarkt (in Nürnberg), Weihnachtsmarkt(many other places). Nuremberg/Nürnberg I will give you tips... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam- Top 5 Places To Eat

If you are spending a weekend in Amsterdam, I have the perfect collection of places to eat for affordable prices. As you may have heard the Dutch are not known for their cuisine! So most of my recommendations will be non-dutch restaurants or dishes.  Gs - Have brunch here at this very alternative place -... Continue Reading →

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